Hobby Farm Animals

Paddingtons features a wide selection of Purina beef cattle, sheep, pig and dairy feeds and supplements.

From complete all stock feed to the award winning Honor Show Chow Feeds and mineral supplements. Stop in to Paddingtons to find out more about the complete line.

Backyard Poultry

Backyard Poultry

All Feed is Purina

Layena Pellets or Crumbles
Scratch Grains
Gamebird Starter & Grower
Chicken Feeders


We offer two types that will cover diary goats, meat goats & pregnant goats:
Goat Feed
Goat Blocks



3 Types of Feed

Honor Show Rabbit
Fibre Rabbit
Complete Rabbit - 50lbs, 25lbs & 10lbs


Large Selection of Complete Feeds & Supplements for Showing Competition & Backyard Horses

Complete Feeds:
Omalene, Strategy, Equine Senior

L/S, Enrich Plus, Impact Hay Replacer, Amplify, Beet Pulp & Hay Cubes

Miniature Horse Feed:
Alpaca Feed - Mazuari Alpaca